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UV Beads: A Crafty Science Lesson

UV Beads: A Crafty Science Lesson

It’s now British Summer Time and the weather is improving, allowing us to enjoy the great outdoors intermittently between showers and cloudy days. Here at the Art and Craft Factory we of course love crafting, but on sunny days crafting can often take a back seat whilst we ponder more outdoor friendlier activities for our children to participate in. Now wouldn’t it be great if we could combine a fun outdoor activity with crafting and just a little bit of education? Well now you can…

UV beads are made up from a compound that changes from clear to bright and vivid colours in seconds, when exposed to UV rays / sunlight. The beads can be used in the same way as normal beads, threading them onto elastic or cords to make bracelets and other jewellery, whilst educating children at the same time. The colour changing properties allow for a visual understanding of how the sun’s hidden UV rays have an effect on skin and demonstrate the importance of using sun cream. The colours are sensitive to low and high UV conditions, changing to brighter colours on hotter days and more dull colours on cloudy, less sunny days.


Through the spring and summer months we find a lot of schools, nurseries and clubs order these beads, with the aim to educate in an engaging and fun way. The beads are a much more interactive method of education than traditional methods such as textbooks, not to mention it’s a craft, science and geography lesson all rolled into one…Ofsted would be impressed!

If you want to try the beads out yourself, then check them out HERE.


Top tip:

Why not turn your UV lesson into a real life science experiment? You can by following the easy step by step guide provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry – Click Here to find out more.