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Kid's Painting

Every child loves to paint and so we have a basic essential range of kids painting products: from chubbi paint markers for hassle free painting with youngsters, to ready mix paints for convenient crafting. We even have a +1 craft box, featuring non-hazardous kids paints and other craft products for ages 1+.

Scola Chubbie Markers Bumper Pack (16 Assorted)

This Scola chubbie paint markers bumper pack is only available here. Ideal for children, the markers allow young ones to paint freely without the risk of knocking over water pots. They also carry less risk of spray from bristles, giving you piece of mind and your child the freedom to create.

The convenient markers are full of water soluble coloured paint, in both standard and pearl colours, which when used against paper gives the same effect as conventional paint without the hassle! The pack contains 16 assorted colours, including 8 standard colours and 8 pearl style markers which can be used time and time again. Why not view our full range of paints, crayons & adhesives?



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