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Paints, Crayons & Adhesives

A range of essential paint, crayon and adhesive craft products for early years, made in the UK by Scolaquip. The range includes ready-mix acrylic paints, chubbi easy grip crayons, PVA glues, a candle making kit and even an early years craft box for ages 1+! The products are easily washable off skin and most fabrics, giving you piece of mind. Now you can craft with your kids in a hassle-free environment, with easy to use child safe craft products. We also have a range of children’s craft kits, ideal to keep your kid’s entertained on a weekend and on a budget too!

Glue Spreaders (Pack of 3)

A pack of 3 glue spreaders, essential for most art and craft projects. Each glue spreader is made from a flexible plastic, making them ideal for both spreading and stirring.  They also feature an integral neck, meaning the hands can be kept glue free during crafting.

Whether you’re adding embellishments, sticking paper together or creating something completely unique; these glue spreaders are a true crafting essential, which can be used time and time again. You might also want to buy some glue for your next project, click here to view our adhesives.