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Celebrating National Parents’ Week | Parent product picks

National Parents' Week

Happy National Parents’ Week!

Many of our customers are parents so we thought National Parents’ Week would be the ideal opportunity to share with you some of their favourite product picks.


Favourite product: It definitely has to be FoodArt!

Why is it your favourite? It saves me having to do the messy bit myself and I can just get it out of the pack and put it straight in front of my daughter. She loves it too!

How does it help you to get creative with your kids? My daughter is only young so ‘messy play’ is something her nursery is really pushing. I love to get it out at home and put it into the sandpit or thread it with string. She sits in the middle of her sandpit and we put her toy cars and trucks in it and put it in and pour it out of cups. It’s so easy to clean up and it keeps us busy for ages.


National Parents' Week



Favourite product: Fillable baubles

Why is it your favourite? They are so quick & easy.  Having a son with ADHD & a short attention span, it is great to be able to get a pleasing result so quickly – literally in less than 5 minutes.  Something simple inside can create a great effect – single colour pompoms, scrunched, tinsel pipe cleaners, and you can easily do edible ones with sweets, chocolates…

How does it help you to get creative with your kids? They encourage us to be creative several times a year – Christmas (the obvious time for baubles) Easter (yellow chicks, bunnies inside) Halloween (spooky ghosts, witches, orange & black pompoms)….


National Parents' Week



Favourite product: Road tape

Why is it your favourite? My daughter loves toy cars and vehicles and takes them everywhere we go. I like being able to stick this in my pocket and take it out and about with us and tape it to a table at a restaurant, bar of her car seat or on the floor at her grandparents’ house. It’s just so easy and keeps her entertained. It’s mess free and lasts such a long time.

How does it help you to get creative with your kids? I work with children so know how important being creative is for their development. We build little villages and towns and use the road tape to map out roads for her to wheel her cars on. I think it will be great when she’s older to teach her more about road safety!


National Parents' Week



Favourite Product: Silk Clay

Why is it your favourite? It’s a lot easier and cleaner than play dough!

How does it help you to get creative with your kids? It suits all ages and we can use it anywhere. We’ve even played with it at the side of the race track!


National Parents' Week


Let us know what your favourite products are and how they help you get creative with your kids! You can send us them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!