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Top Ten Kids Stocking Fillers 🎄

kids stocking fillers

It’s CHRISTMAS! 🎄 Well…we’re almost there.

The festive season is upon us and it’s no secret that we’re getting very excited for the Christmas songs, Christmas trees, Christmas lights and Christmas spirit!

Christmas shopping is a love/hate thing. This year, we’ve got you covered with our top ten stocking fillers perfect for kids!


  1. Foam Clay 

kids stocking fillers

Foam clay is great fun; bright and pliable and it will keep the children entertained for hours. Each pack contains 10x 35g tubs in assorted colours and can be re-used over and over again, when returned to the tub after use.


      2. UV Beads 

kids stocking fillers

Assorted UV colour changing & glow in the dark barrel beads in an assortment of random colours. The beads appear clear until exposed to UV or sunlight where they then change into a variation of colours. They’re brilliant to teach children about sunlight and UV protection!


      3. Calico Selection Pack

kids stocking fillers

A collection of calico items to decorate, ideal for keeping kids entertained whilst you’re cooking the Christmas dinner! Each pack contains a pencil case (25cm x 30cm), apron (54cm x 39cm), shopping bag (34cm x 34cm) and pump bag (31cm x 20cm).


      4. Blank Jigsaw

kids stocking fillers

A pack of 16 blank craft jigsaws, ideal for children’s parties, gift makers or general crafters. The jigsaws features 24 pieces which can be easily drawn or painted onto, creating abstract designs or just having a good old scribble!


      5. Adhesive Colouring Poster

kids stocking fillers

This self adhesive poster is the ideal addition to any child’s crafts box. Let them get creative by colouring in the figures and shapes and peel off once they’re finished leaving no damage whatsoever! The poster is easy to cut and tear and sticks to surfaces by gently pressing it. Perfect for sticking to walls and floors! We also have the plain version available here.


      6. HAMA Midi Beads Midi Kits

kids stocking fillers

HAMA Midi Bead Mini Kits are a great way to entertain your children on a rainy afternoon and they’re not pricey either. With a choice of 6 different themed packs, you can choose a theme that suites your children – or buy a multi-pack of all 6!


     7. Silk Clay

kids stocking fillers

Silk clay is a brilliant, fun, bright and pliable craft product limited only by the users imagination. Each pack contains 10x 40g tubs in assorted colours and can be re-used if returned to the tub after use.


    8. Crafty Creatures

kids stocking fillers

If you’re looking to entertain your children on the weekend or need something different for a kid’s party – our Crafty Creatures children’s craft kit is perfect. An easy and fun activity suitable for all children over 36 months (with adult supervision). Choose from Ozzie Octopus, Rabbia Rabbit, Kool Cat, Pinky Pig or Dapper Duck.


  9. Sequin Tubs

kids stocking fillers

Assorted sequins in 6 individual tubs and colours. Choose from round, stars, snowflakes or discs. A great crafter’s companion for multiple projects and embellishment uses. Manufactured in the UK, these sequins are high quality a suitable for multiple works big or small.


  10. Stickers

kids stocking fillers

A bulk pack of assorted stickers. No two packs are the same, containing a complete random assortment of shapes, styles, colours and sizes. A choice of two pack sizes are available; 200 or 400. stickers.



We hope we’ve inspired you with some of our stocking fillers 🎄  All are available to purchase on our website in the lead up to the Christmas period.


Happy shopping!