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Crafts for travelling with kids

Traffic, delayed trains, squashed seating and uncomfy children. Travelling with kids can sometimes be a recipe for disaster! One of our team members recently went on a  trip to Scotland so we asked her to take a bunch of crafts products along for the train ride to see just how much easier it made the long journey.


The obvious choice…STICKERS. We couldn’t go wrong here. Five packs of assorted stickers and a pack of assorted sturdy card went down a real treat with Harper. We were busy sticking for probably half of the journey (2 hours), identifying the different colours and shapes and counting how many we were sticking on to each piece of paper. Even better, we arrived fully prepared as guests with a little handmade thank you present for our weekend hosts.


Next up is POM BEADZ. A fantastic fine motor skills development activity perfectly suited to younger children. We explored the different colour pom poms and matched them up to the same colour pipe cleaners. We spent a good hour threading the pipe cleaners through the pom poms creating all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes. Once we’d used up all of the pom poms and pipe cleaners we just took them apart and popped them back in the bag ready for the return journey!



Who knew adults would also be entertained by pom beadz on a car journey?