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Bespoke Pipe Cleaner Crafting for Charity

We’re always amazed about how our customers use our products and this one is no exception. Diane Crossland is a pipe cleaner crafter, specialising in creating bespoke dogs, cats and bears and while this isn’t unusual, Diane’s reasoning for creating them certainly is. While most of our bespoke crafting customers create their one off pieces to sell and gain a little bit of money to fund their lifestyle and crafts, Diane donates all of the money she raises to dog rescue homes.

We love how Diane has turned her love for crafting into a selfless act of kindness by raising money for a good cause, so we decided to invite her to our factory to find out more about what she does. In early February Diane paid us a visit and showed us how she makes her pipe cleaners animals, we were even lucky enough to take some pictures for the website and to show you what she does best. It was amazing to see how effortless Diane appears to makes these beautiful, detailed and lifelike creations, especially when we ourselves have attempted to create one, to no avail.

What really stands out to us about Diane is that she gets genuine enjoyment out of creating her dogs and this ultimately brings joy to others; to her customers by owning a beautiful handmade dog or animal, and to animals through the generosity of her donations to dog rescue charities. This story is proof that making something from craft materials isn’t just a pass time or a hobby, but a means of creating and spreading happiness to others, often in the simplest of ways.

If you would like to find out more about Diane or would like to buy one of her creations, please call us on 01484 435055 or email us at info@artandcraftfactory.co.uk and we will put you in-touch.