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A bee-tiful costume using bee fur fabric! 🐝

bee fur fabric

When Jenny got in touch with us all the way from Atlanta, USA on a quest to hunt down some bumble bee fabric for her daughter’s Halloween costume, we couldn’t not help out!

We asked Jenny where the bumble bee idea came from and found out that her daughter is nicknamed ‘Vivi B’ and she loves it when they “fly” her around the house making buzz buzz buzz sounds.  Jenny’s mother always made her Halloween costumes growing up and she made it a mission to do this for Vivian too.

We all know keeping headbands, hats, bows and anything on a young child’s head can be almost impossible! With this in mind, Jenny was trying to find something that didn’t require a hat or a hood to work.  Having found nothing similar in the US, she was delighted to find our website and was even more pleased to see we did bee fabric that didn’t require her to have to sew yellow and black strips together!

”I wasn’t necessarily looking for fur fabric but I think that made it so much better and really solidified the idea of a chubby fuzzy bumble bee in my mind. We live in Atlanta which can get colder than most people realize so it was also nice to have a costume that was just going to be warm from the get go”.

We were really keen to help Jenny and Vivian out, so quickly shipped our bumble bee fabric to them both in Atlanta. We were so delighted to hear about Jenny’s positive experience with us – “everyone was so nice about figuring out shipping to the US for me and it got here really fast.”

Our fur fabric is fantastic for all sorts of crafts including costume making, cushion making and for soft toys. We have a huge range of designs, from zebra to leopard print and bright orange to warm pink.




We were so excited to see Jenny’s finished result and we must say this may be the sweetest little bumble bee we’ve ever seen!

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